I thought I saw you yesterday, for an instant, out on the street.  That familiar face in a sea of strangers. And for a few fleeting moments, life was perfect again.



You were still here, with your crazy ideas and silly jokes, impishly navigating your way out when you knew you were in trouble. Because, let’s face it, no one could stay mad at you for long. That old, now unfamiliar feeling of happiness and warmth, that was your gift to the world. Making everyone in your life feel special, and heard, and perhaps, most important of all, feel loved and accepted.

When I reflect on my life so far and everything I’m grateful for, you are always the first thing on my mind.  We could spend hours together talking or in silence, and still walk away with a lighter heart. You taught me that life is about the simple things, and to take a day at a time. Having a five year plan was well and good, but you are a constant reminder to live in the moment. There really isn’t any point in planning a future if you can’t live in the present.

You aren’t here anymore, and that sucks. You were the best part of me, you still are, but you couldn’t stick around anymore. That hurt more than I thought I could handle, and it’s taken years to accept it. People keep saying that I’ll get over it eventually, but I don’t think I will. I don’t want to. Because even on my darkest days, you make me smile. Just the thought of what you would say makes everything else so insignificant. Maybe it is selfish of me to hold on to the memory of you, but memories are all that I was left with,  when our future together was stolen.

I’m back on that street again looking, but I know it’s not you, just a stranger with a passing resemblance. You were gone a long time ago and I know I won’t see you again. We can all have irrational thoughts sometimes, and wonder, what if. Because for just a few moments, it feels good to know that my world hasn’t crashed all around, and you’re still here with me.




Yesterday was a good day. Not phenomenal, not amazing , not boring. Just a good day. A nice walk through the city experimenting with the manual setting on my ridiculously overpriced and thoroughly underused camera, allowed my mind to wander around and drag my attention to a quite a few essential facts of my life.

I was genuinely surprised with how content I was with my life at that exact moment. Growing up as an actively stressed over-achiever(or at least that’s what I thought), the only constant in my life was the next big thing. The next test, the next assignment, the next competition. My behavior could quite possibly draw parallels with that of a addict waiting for his next fix. In my case, it was probably the adrenaline surge when you’re backed up against the wall and last minute panic is what you need to get you through. The pitiful thing though, is that once I got to whatever it was that I wanted, it lost its appeal and I would be left disenchanted till I got something new to focus on. A lot of it may just have to do with the mindset that is drilled into us at a very young age. The relentless focus on academics which prioritise studying and rote over learning, suppressing natural human curiosity.

Going back to my city stroll, I found myself on a bridge observing two young children, siblings, pointing out landmarks in amazement to their parents. Which took me back quite a few years, to when I’d have a sack full of questions for my parents, everytime some new discovery caught my attention. And a mental montage of the events that got me to where I am today. I always had a plan, but it looked nothing like what happened. If someone were to predict the future ten years ago and tell me what my life would look like, I’d certainly have a massive panic attack. In hindsight, I have to admit, things happened at just the right moment to help me grow and learn and adapt.

I still have goals,  but they’re more flexible now. Every once in a while, I remind myself to take some time off and appreciate what I have. I don’t quite agree with the “Count your blessings” scenario because your “blessings”  are the consequences, good or bad, of the sum of your actions. Sure I could have a more money and a job I can be more passionate about, but that is an ideal world. And an ideal world is boring. Imperfections is what makes life so alluring, and stops us going over the edge. Coming from someone who likes being a perfectionist, that’s quite some compromising on my part.

So maybe I don’t really need to be a top dog to be happy. On most days, curling up to read a good book with a cup of tea is more than enough. I doubt having a lucrative career could give me the same sense of contentment as a walk in the park on a sunny day, or snuggling under a blanket listening to the rain. Happiness, as I’m now beginning to see, is found in the simplest of things. Which is possibly why the rich are usually so poor when it comes to time and contentment.


Cool Beans & Frozen Lentils


One of the many things I love about moving to new places, is the chance to learn a new lingua franca. The colloquial, if you prefer. There are so many nuances to different places, and exploring them is a whole new adventure.

From the blank look on your face when you hear a new phrase to the wonderful highs of explaining phrases you’ve picked up elsewhere to others.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have lived in a few different places and to have been exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking. From the quiet, respectful glances of the Arabs to the chalta hai – attitude of the Indians to the culture of queuing up in London (this one wasn’t as easy!). Once you learn to keep an eye out and observe the world around you, you begin to notice these little snippets that can tell you so much about people and places, how they are intricately intertwined, and neither can exist without the other.

Getting back to my title, Cool Beans was a new one for me. And new = looking it up on google. It still doesn’t make sense, but at least I don’t look like a total tool when people say it. I did have a conversation with a friend about how odd it sounded and his opinion was that frozen lentils would sound weirder.  There also happens to be vegan restaurant by that name somewhere!!

cool beans

How’s tricks? Would be another one. The first time around, I seriously thought someone assumed the fact that I had a dog named Tricks! Had I not been this lazy, I probably would have looked up the history on these, but to be honest, they are hilarious enough to overlook. You don’t always need to know why.

I still haven’t figured out where I’d like this blog to go, but it does seem like a great place to get some thoughts down and more organised. When I first started blogging years ago, whilst in college, the blog was primarily a place for me to publish my short stories and opinion pieces on current events. This one could be similar or take a new direction altogether. I probably need some more time to decide, but then again, I could just leave this as an everything blog. We spend most of our life in daylight masquerading as someone else, maybe this could be my way of making sense of it. Let’s see where this goes!

P.S: If i do get a dog, the name would be a coin toss between Jeeves and Tricks!